The Bridge | 42 ACRES
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About This Project

42 Acres is a retreat centre with a vision to provide a home for inner transformation.

Nestled in a secluded Somerset valley and surrounded by 42 Acres of woodland, the space is ideal for both journeying inwards and exploring nature. Part of the philosophy of 42 Acres is to find world class practitioners and healers to share their wisdom and help to create change: from the inside, out.

Seven hundred acres of ancient forest encircle the main house, originally built as a dairy farm in the 1800s. Through centuries, 42 acres has evolved into our retreat space.


42 Acres is an elegant and comfortable retreat for up to 24 people, with ample off road parking. Single rooms are limited and available upon request for an additional supplement.


Nowhere is the interdependence or our physical, mental, emotional and environmental health so clearly demonstrated than in our food. The highest quality food must nourish all of these – and still be deliciously tasty!

42 Acres chef, Mark Mabon is a self-taught, 20-year explorer of world foods and health systems and draws on a deep practical knowledge of the cleansing properties of raw foods, healing whole foods, and the nourishing properties of Weston Price / Paleo dieting. 

I’ve been catering (and participating in) retreats for 15 years and understand the central role that food can play within them. I am proud to serve The Bridge from the kitchen and pull out all the stops: your food will nourish, comfort and delight through your journey, serving as a constant reminder of life’s ever present love and abundance.“

Our kitchen philosophy is: 

Firstly, always a relaxed, happy kitchen environment. 

Everything hand made. 

Working with many small sale artisan growers and producers including: 
• World-class organic goat, sheep and cow dairy (many raw products).
• 100% organic sourdough bakers including gluten free bread.
• All pasture-fed, local, organic meat.
• Wild venison and other game from local estates and parks.
• Fresh UK line-caught fish.
All oils cold-pressed and organic: celtic sea salt only; 100% sugar free kitchen. 
Chef’s own sauerkrauts, ferments and pickles All organic ingredients except where absolutely not possible.


Boschendal Farm natural and organic toiletries.

Luxury linen and towels provided.

Landline available for emergency calls.