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“I signed up to The Bridge on the recommendation of a friend, not knowing anything about it but knowing things needed to change. As with all things, the more you commit, the more you get out of the experience. Despite feeling challenged at times, I am glad I surrendered completely to the process, due in large measure to the expert facilitation of Donna, Freddy and their team, who provided a safe and nurturing space. The attention to detail was extraordinary and demonstrated their commitment to this work. I experienced a deep healing and left with renewed purpose and clarity. ”
“Crossing The Bridge was the best decision of my life. Magical!!!! Embedded in pure love, beautiful surroundings and peacefulness, I was able to close chapters in my life and find my inner child, which I had neglected for decades, with the result that I finally feel complete again. Donna and Gabi have created a haven in which you are able to safely work on yourself without being judged. Through loving and compassionate guidance, paired with profound knowledge; my view and meaning of life and my perception of relationships have changed. This has enabled me to better communicate and appreciate all that I am so blessed to have in my life. I can love with my whole heart and not only others but also myself. It has been a truly mind blowing experience. ”
“Despite years of therapy and healing in different guises, The Bridge was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Allowing myself the space and time to go deeper than ever before, within the most safe, non-judgmental environment I’ve known is the best and most loving thing I’ve ever done for myself. What The Bridge offered me was an acceptance and understanding of who I am and the chance to process and grieve what I needed to let go of. It’s like being wrapped in a giant cashmere blanket and thrown into a blender — through a series of very specific rituals, conversations and bodywork you are guided delicately and carefully through every step without feeling self conscious or judged in any way. I wholeheartedly and without hesitation recommend everyone to experience The Bridge. ”
“To me The Bridge is quite simply, pure alchemy. Like magic unfolding in front of your eyes and deep physical healing running through your body as the week unfolds and as you fall deeper and deeper into the experience. I have done some group processing work before in various guises, but nothing so profoundly moving as this. You are held so beautifully and above all, nurtured into a place that allows you to truly let go of your long standing negative programming, beliefs and conditioning. I believe that working within the physical realm and accessing our trauma and suffering within our bodies, is where we get to do our deepest healing. On The Bridge there is daily movement and somatic work which enables you to really access this stuff, process it and then pass it from the body, freeing you up to feel lighter, happier and more connected to yourself. I have so much love and respect for Donna and Gabi for creating this work; they are truly inspirational women and powerful, potent healers. The Bridge is by far the most profoundly deep and healing experience of my life to date. ”
“The Bridge for me was the most beautiful and enlightening journey I have ever embarked on. Donna and Gabi have put together something so incredible- that I would wish for every human to experience. The quantity of kindness, compassion and utter love shown to every single member of the group was mind blowing. Once I finished The Bridge, I found my true essence and spiritual purpose which I had lost a long time ago. I really feel incredibly blessed to have had the pleasure of taking part in such a wonderful and life changing experience. ”
THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME.… The analogy of being Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz really does resonate after completing The Bridge. After crossing The Bridge I felt like Dorothy when she discovered she had the power to go home all along. It gave me the skills to connect the dots in my life and move forward instead of holding on to old sadness, grief and anger. I rediscovered who I am and let go of all the voices in my head telling me I was not good enough. Crossing The Bridge is like being set free. Life feels lighter, more manageable, and most important of all I have found my optimism again. The future is full of happiness! ”
“I was feeling really stuck, depressed, full of grief and my joy had flown due to some very difficult challenges in my personal life. What The Bridge offered is by far the most profoundly, extraordinary, potent and transformational work I have ever done. Donna and Gabi offered such an incredible supportive, non-judgemental, loving, powerful, tender space that was beyond anything I could have expected. They are priestesses of healing, powerful medicine women who helped to transform the challenges of our pasts and to ignite the inner fire passions of our futures, where we could reclaim our authentic empowered selves once again. A month on I still feel incredible, the dark black shadow within has lifted, replaced by a profound sense of empowerment, lightness, freedom and joy.”
“Crossing the bridge was like returning home to myself, with love as my internal compass. I was loved into healing in more ways that I can express, fully held and supported to let go of old fears and limiting beliefs that just weren’t serving me anymore. I now feel that I have the space in my mind, body, heart and soul to live a life that is unburdened and free. A life that prioritises fun, play, expansion, love and connection. I am BEYOND grateful to you Donna and Gabi for not only creating the Bridge but the devotion, love and care that you put into each and every retreat from start to finish. Absolutely in awe of you! My time with you was truly unforgettable. A million thank yous!!! ”
“What a week it was! The love, the safe space to be and the support to work through things I didn’t even recognise that I needed to deal with, was a game changer. This personal development process from start to finish was nothing short of pure brilliance. Donna Lancaster and Gabi Krueger, the founders of The Bridge, have created a unique, magical and healing process”
“The Bridge was a completely new and surprising experience. It was a challenging, revealing, soothing and healing break from normal life. I experienced many emotions and explored countless thoughts, beliefs and feelings. I felt guided, supported, loved and safe throughout. At the end of the week, I felt cleansed from the inside out. I still have lots more work to do on ‘me’ (work in progress) but The Bridge has given me a wonderful sense of self-acceptance, including acceptance of my issues and ‘broken’ bits, which I find very liberating.”
“My life has been totally transformed by my experience of “crossing the Bridge”. When I pitched up at 42 acres I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would feel at the end. I didn’t arrive with a huge suitcase of “baggage” or what felt to me any devastating life losses or experiences but I knew I didn’t feel very happy and I was particularly troubled by my marriage. I emerged at the end of the 5 days like a new person — I feel happier than I can ever remember feeling in my adult life and people keep telling me how well I look. Donna and Gabi are truly remarkable (and loving and wise) and the process they have created is almost magical. I left a lot behind in Somerset — some things I didn’t even know I needed to — recapturing the true me and feeling free and totally alive to enjoy the rest of my life.”
“A JOURNEY BACK TO WHOLENESS… My experience of The Bridge was so nurturing and deeply loving. I have been on quite a few human potential courses, and have gained something from all of them. So when I decided to come on The Bridge, I actually thought I had uncovered and released all that needed to be uncovered and released. It came as somewhat of a surprise to me then that there was yet another layer that needed to be unearthed! I guess my subconscious knew and therefore I joined you and all the other wonderful humans on the vital journey of healing past wounds and expressing and sharing grief. It has left me feeling lighter and more joyful. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a loving healing process. It’s hard to put into words what actually happened other than that It was hugely necessary for me to become more whole! Also, seeing the light come on in the eyes of the other lovely ones (in just a few short days) who were going through the process with me — especially given that some of them had arrived heartbroken and in so much pain, was quite possibly one of the most incredibly moving and uplifting experiences I have ever had!!! Donna you and Gabi are both earth angels and we are all so blessed that you have dedicated yourselves to assisting and loving us through this much needed healing experience.”
“Without this retreat, I would have continued in a life where I was dead and just about existing, but now I am living fully. Miracles do happen and this has been one for me. With hard work and bringing my A game for the whole 5 days, I reclaimed my life back and I am now able to say: I love my life and I deserve to live. I have my passion back and purpose. Thank you so much for helping me live for the first time in my life!! As I drove away from the retreat in the sunshine, Robbie Williams came on the radio with ‘I love my life’ and at that moment with the wind through my hair and the music up loud driving in my ballet shoes, I knew life for me would never be the same again and I will never go back to that place where I was so utterly in the dark. The sun was on my face as i sang from the top of my lungs — I LOVE MY LIFE, I AM POWERFUL, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM FREE. Thank you again and god bless to you both. You are truly beautiful people and inspirational women xxx”
“Wow, it really does what it says on the tin: deep healing. I healed to depths I didn’t know were possible. Pain, anger, sadness, unresolved grief that came from my childhood, even from my time as a baby, but that I was also carrying through from my parents, ancestors and WAY back! It was the most profound, beautiful and magical experience of my life, no exaggeration. I came out feeling so full of love and joy on a scale I never thought possible and calm and grounded with it. I got everything and more that I hoped to get from it. Since the Bridge I was worried that the effects would wear off but I’ve found in the weeks following that a peace and deep sense of love for the world around me has settled in. I feel like deep healing has gone on on levels I hadn’t considered were possible, all I know is that I feel free of so much of the ‘weight’ I was carrying around before. I just want to say how deeply grateful I am for the Bridge — for what I have got from it and for what you are doing for others. I believe what you are doing is incredibly important and powerful work — I’ve never experienced anything like it and I believe the ripple effects go deeper than I can even fully comprehend.”
“Since crossing The Bridge a black crow has lifted from my heart and flown away; a floating ballerina amongst the flowers now resides.”
“I don’t normally promote anything, however, given the fast paced, increasingly disconnected and disenchanted world we live in, I cannot but give a head’s up to this extraordinary experience, delicately facilitated in a safe and nourishing manner by Donna Lancaster. This retreat provides necessary healing and co-creative sharing of personal experiences and reality of depression and grief, as you journey within to venture without.”
“Thank you for inventing a time machine to visit what I thought was set in stone and change it. This week has been a gift to my soul.”
“As a Dancer, The Bridge has helped me heal the heartache I have had the past 12yrs with not being able to live and breathe my dream. As a Mother, The Bridge has helped me identify that I am no doubt a great mother to my children and that I can live authentically and become the role model that every child would want from their parents. I never thought I could go so deep inside and connect with my wounded inner child and come out so revived as my wise adult self. An experience that is totally mind blowing and the best gift you can give yourself or get given.”
“I first started running to help me deal with a difficult time in my life. However as time passed I recognised that I was using running to try and run away from myself and all of the hurts and sadness I kept inside. So one day I took a deep breath of courage and signed up for The Bridge. It was to be one of the best decisions of my life. In turning to face my old hurts and sadness on The Bridge, I was finally able to let them go and what was waiting for me on the other side was my natural state of peace and joy! And now 4 months on, I find I am no longer running away but running towards… my purpose, my future, my love, my life!”
“The Bridge is an enormously loving gift to give yourself. It offers a beautifully held and safe therapeutic space that allows your whole being to rest and release trapped heartaches, losses and traumas. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a more holistic and experiential approach to emotional healing. Whilst carrying historical pain many of us can go through life as if we are sleepwalking. The Bridge enables you to wake up and reconnect with your own potential for living a full open-hearted life.”
“Yesterday I attended Donna Lancaster’s presentation on her new project, The Bridge – a 5 day residential workshop designed to release grief and loss. While many people who had experienced the programme spoke very positively about its effects, the single most radiant advertisement for it was Donna herself. If The Bridge seeks to lead people to a more authentic way of being, Donna stood there magnificently devoid of a mask, displaying that courage to be simply and uncomplicatedly herself. This is something therapists find very hard to do, pressured as they believe they are to be forever strong and in control. To stand in front of an audience comprised of past and future participants, and to acknowledge with a smile both her strengths and her failings, usually takes courage. With Donna it didn’t seem to take courage at all – it flowed quite naturally! If that is what The Bridge can do for you, it is a course we should all take.”
“Since attending The Bridge I feel more aware and focussed and can love and appreciate myself more. Ive begun to loosen up and allow myself time for fun and living more in the present moment. I think Donna is an incredible person and one of the best therapists and facilitators I’ve come across in my lifetime. I can not recommend doing The Bridge highly enough to anyone who is looking to enrich their relationships with loved ones or to simply start enjoying the present more without worrying about the future. What The Bridge really offers, money can’t buy…and that is freedom.”
“I am able to look at my life and where I am going to, with ‘healthy eyes’ now. No longer an ‘adult teenager’, I truly feel like, thanks to The Bridge, I have finally grown up.”
“I learnt so much about myself and the world and it was a joy to be in such wise and capable hands. I’d love everyone to be able to benefit from the truly magical experience of The Bridge.”
“Sometimes I don’t think but just do and that is what I did when I signed up for The Bridge Retreat. It was the best decision of my life for my soul. So beautifully put together. Since attending I feel so much lighter and less stressful. It made me think about my life and what I want to change. It’s really offered me a new beginning.”
“The Bridge offered me an incredibly loving & healing week. Before the retreat and after my relationship break up I had felt depressed & thought how could I ever trust people again. Afterwards I have found that the experience has really restored my faith in human kind!”
“The experience woke up a part of my soul that had laid dormant in fear and I will never forget the awakening and the love at The Bridge. Donna and Freddy are healing earth angels and with every retreat they complete, I believe they are healing the world’s collective grief… Understanding the importance of finding your tribe and integrating rituals into our daily lives has made my experience here on earth, infinitely more beautiful and never lonely.”
“Donna is an incredible woman, she has so much love, compassion and warmth mixed with a huge dose of knowledge and understanding.”
“It produced in me an effect that the greatest artists can only hope for — rich epiphanies and insights, and the most intense catharsis… I feel alive.”
“Donna Lancaster is one of the most inspiring people I know… The Bridge Retreat might just be the best time, effort and money you will ever spend.”
ONE YEAR ON – HEALING MY INNER CRITIC… The one HUGE change for me was something that I didn’t even go in for. My entire life I have felt like I live with this ‘bit of a dick’ roommate in my head. The one that tells you, you’re not good enough, that angrily berates you for doing stupid stuff, like locking yourself out of your house, or losing things. That same asshole who is constantly having a massive go at you for ‘being late’ ‘being fat’ ‘being slow’. Basically a roommate that’s a pain in the butt to live with and ALWAYS around. Well that roommate has finally moved out. And what I am left with is this soft voice, one who encourages me, tells me that I am doing really well, that has a laugh at how forgetful I am when I lose my keys, or leave money hanging out of an ATM and weirdly enough, this roommate gets WAY better results because of it. Those 5 days at The Bridge have ultimately been the best gift I have ever given to myself.”
“I admire Donna Lancaster as a person of great integrity and compassion. Her work has depth and healing power. I trust her as a healing guide on our human journey of challenge and joy.”
“The work of The Bridge is so remarkably profound! It’s an amazing achievement and created with such integrity to sustain a true awakening – not just another band-aid solution. It’s one of the most powerful ways of affecting change in this world. After all the years I’ve spent working in conflict zones around the world, I’m sure of it. Now to get as many people as possible to cross The Bridge! What a world it could be..imagine that!”
“The Bridge course is truly transformational. Donna and Gabi are inspiring facilitators whose empathy, skill and warmth is far reaching.”
“I signed up for the Bridge specifically to come to terms with the ending of a long marriage. In the course of the process I felt able to honour the past and then let go of it. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and happier, it was like taking off a heavy overcoat of grief that had been dragging me down for three years.”
“I would sign up for any course conceived by Donna and Gabi because they are wise, insightful, inspiring, empathetic, non-judgemental, extraordinarily experienced and unequalled in the loving way they help clients to recognise and realise the best of ourselves.”
“Through the deep processing work I completed on The Bridge, I realise that now is the time to forgive both myself and others for things that seemed so big and unforgivable. Life is too short to hold onto resentment, anger and bitterness. I know now that I am ready to let it go.”
“Disneyland for the soul”
“Outstanding! Gabi and Donna are incredible women who are such role models for society. Even watching them was such a learning for me. They were so openly authentic throughout the whole course and led us on a beautiful journey within. Each step of the way was with such tenderness, respect and love. Gabi’s own self awareness really helped me to discover parts of me that I had ignored all my life. Healing those divides within me has been life changing.”
“I felt very safe being vulnerable in the hands of Gabi and Donna. Two super qualified facilitators who worked with me during The Bridge. I’m truly blessed to have gone through this experience of getting to know myself better.”
“My bridge to self love.”
“The Bridge offered me the chance to fully face my losses for the first time in my life. Grief that had become so great, it was impossible to find happiness and peace. Donna and Gabi provided a wondrous and carefully-crafted journey over five days beautiful days which was by turns terribly sad and empowering, heartbreaking and healing, all at the same time. Thank you.”
“Since completing The Bridge I feel much stronger, more able to cope with life. I now realise that I have a lot to give & accept from others. I really have learnt so much from this experience & can now continue my life with a bigger heart.”
“The Bridge for me was a total life changer, it made me really understand what some of my big blocks were that were standing in the way of my happiness and contentment. Its given me the tools I need to a live a life where I dont just ‘like’ myself, but love and nurture myself on a daily basis.”
“It’s a life-changing experience. It altered my take on life, made me feel stronger and more positive. The group and facilitators felt like a second family and made me feel so welcome. The accommodation was breathtaking and really added to the experience.”
“I felt in need of another big jump forward in my personal development. I wanted to dig deeper in those issues that just keep me stuck. The Bridge gave me all that and more. Gabi and Donna have provided some new ways of looking at things, helped clear away some old feelings and have given me a clear picture of what I need to concentrate on next. I feel truly amazing!”
SELF LOVE… My biggest feeling that is different for me now is one of self love. I don’t think that i really ever gave myself much of this. What your retreat has taught me that is SO indescribably different, is how to forgive myself. Not just for the big things in the past. But on a daily basis. How to talk to myself with kindness, how to give myself ‘kind eyes’ and really how to Love and look after myself. I feel like this really harsh horrible critic inside of me has gone. Like I had a nasty roommate and they’ve moved out, replaced by an encouraging, sweet, loving person. And i am laughing at myself ALOT. So I really felt compelled to tell you all this and that what you are doing works, the magic that you put into that week is real. THANK YOU!!!  ”
“I signed up for the Bridge because I felt I needed a significant intervention to help me with blocks and issues I was facing in my life. It didn’t disappoint. The course was artfully crafted and delivered with a truly mind-boggling (and emotion-boggling!) amount of love, compassion, skill and empathy. It has given me a secure grounding and tremendous hope from which I can now face challenges with awareness and self-compassion, in the knowledge that I have an abundance of love and support behind me from the incredible Bridge community. Thank you.”



Inspiration comes in many forms. So please take the time to watch this beautiful
short film by Steve Maud, The Bridge participant. Steve created this film
after participating in The Bridge in loving memory of his late father.

Our hearts sing with you Steve, many thanks for sharing this powerful moment with us.

My father will have died three years ago this November. He loved nature and
birds and I feel that alive in me whenever I’m out there in a natural space.

I find flying my drone a lovely way of rising above the detail, seeing a different
perspective, and possibly one my father now inhabits. I’d like to think of my
father watching over me, though I feel he lives through me too.
He loved walks in Richmond Park.

This is one of the things that makes my heart sing.”
Steve Maud —