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The Bridge unfolds in three phases:
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1. The Past

In order to fully inhabit the present moment, you go back in time to complete unfinished business, such as unresolved family and ancestral wounding, negative school experiences, missed life opportunities and significant losses. You are safely supported to fully grieve, let go and move beyond your negative past.

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2. The Present

In this phase you address powerful internal blocks, defence strategies and self limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward. These blocks may be related to your self-worth, relationships, career, money, boundaries or life purpose and you will explore your capacity to give and receive love. You are skilfully guided to become wholly present to your life and your world.

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3. The Future

Through fresh-eyes you allow a new way to be present to yourself and your life. With a fully open heart you feel able to access your inner wisdom and trust in Universal support. This phase focuses on integration, gratitude and being in service. You leave unencumbered by the myth of thoughts; embodying a place of trust, truth and love.

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Each of these three phases merge seamlessly together, using a powerful mixture of silence, catharsis, meditation, visualisation, witnessing, ritual, expressive breath and body work, movement, dance, touch and the healing power of love.


Participants are lovingly guided through a beautifully choreographed series of experiences, with the aim of processing deeply-held emotions, in order to remove unconscious blocks that prevent us from living an authentically joyful life. You are asked to leave your cellphones, computers and handheld devices with us, and use these five days as a digital detox to assist with your healing work.

Each morning begins with a body-based experience using movement and music to support you to drop deeply into your senses. We focus on feeling rather than thinking, experiencing rather than analysing. You will then work in the group to explore and share on subjects including grief, loss, childhood wounding, unmet needs, intimacy and love, spirituality and service.

In the afternoons, you are given time for personal reflection, rest and enquiry. Silence, meditation and written work support this process. Early evenings offer the opportunity to be witnessed in your group which is a key part of the healing process; to be seen, heard, validated and understood. These sessions then prepare you for the evening rituals which are varied and hold an element of surprise. They can include chanting, fire, movement and touch. All rituals have a specific purpose to support deep healing.

Throughout each day you will be supported by the highly experienced The Bridge facilitators. They will guide you through your own journey, gently nudging and encouraging you to confront and heal the parts of yourself that may have remained unconscious.

This combination of individual, group and body work alongside profound ancient ritual practices provides you with a safe healing space to go deeper than you imagined possible. You will return to your True Self, your inherent nature, and experience your authentic source of peace, love and freedom.




People who recognise they have unprocessed emotions holding them back in life.

People who have experienced loss of any kind including divorce and separation, bereavements, loss of innocence, betrayals of trust, identity, health, empty nest syndrome and missed opportunities.

Anyone who feels they are not living their life’s true purpose.

Those who feel blocked or hijacked by their life experiences and conditioning.

Those for whom life feels out of balance and yearn for something more.

Those who are ready and willing to work deeply for their own healing.

People who believe there is a bigger picture to life and existence.

People who have already done some therapeutic work and have a sense of a spiritual connection.

People who wish to end the searching and recognise that peace comes from within.

It is possible to share The Bridge experience together with a significant other. Examples of this can be partners, mother and daughter, father and son, friends and siblings. To share such a deep emotional experience together can be incredibly healing for all types of intimate relationships.


Whether you are experiencing stress, burn out, depression, anxiety, grief, over work, joylessness, low energy, lack of direction or blocks to your creativity…

The Bridge has something to offer you.


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These may include:

Identifying and releasing the conscious and unconscious blocks that have prevented you knowing and reaching your full potential in life.

A safe space to grieve and move on from life’s losses as a route to unwrapping your true positive self.

Time for yourself to slow down, rest, reflect and launch the life changes that you desire.

The healing power of community and how to bring this connection into your everyday life.

Understand love in all of its facets; embodying love, living in love and being truly open to giving and receiving love.

Breaking free from the myth of thoughts and explore living from a true and authentic place.

Integration of the ‘wounded’ parts of yourself together with your own wise, intuitive and loving self.

Remembering the bigger picture of existence and recognise the gifts within your life experiences.

Returning to your true self and be able to live authentically, in peace and love.